Mechanical properties and metallography of aluminum matrix composites reinforced by the Cu- or Ni-plating carbon multifilament


The feasibility study of electroless plating as carbon fiber modification for aluminum matrix composites was carried out. The comparison of Cu plating and Ni plating of carbon fiber by the electroless method was investigated. The Cu- or Ni-coated carbon fiber reinforced aluminum was fabricated with a centrifugal pressure infiltration method. The mechanical property was metallographically discussed. Electroless plating is able to improve the throwing power of the precipitant into the multifilament and uniformly coat Cu or Ni onto the carbon fiber. The technique using centrifugal casting seems to be an innovative method for fabrication of composite materials. The eutectic reaction between aluminum and Cu or Ni on the fiber appears to improve the affinity of the carbon fiber and aluminum. The Cu-plated carbon fiber reinforced aluminum is two times higher in bending strength than Ni-plated carbon fiber reinforced aluminum.

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