Cracks and dislocations in face-centered cubic metallic multilayers


In this paper, we have demonstrated that very perfect thin multilayers of the Cu/Ni system can be prepared with coherent interfaces if the layer modulation wavelength is in the 10 nm range. At modulation thicknesses above about 60 nm, the interfaces become incoherent. We have injected a crack into a coherent interface in the 10 nm case which has generated dislocations into the interface forming the crack plane, as well as into the layers adjacent to the crack plane. The dislocations injected into the crack plane presumably form misfit dislocations on that interface, and are grouped so close to the crack tip that individual dislocations are not completely imaged. The dislocations injected into the adjacent layers are distributed rather widely. We have analyzed the dislocation emission from a crack in the fcc geometry appropriate to the multilayers using a simplified elastic theory developed for cracks in homogeneous materials. The mixed mode loading which the misfit stresses are expected to produce lead one to expect these materials to be ductile and to have high toughness. Very high dislocation densities on the crack plane near the crack, however, may lead to a brittle mode of failure, which is beyond the purview of the elastic theory. The dislocations are observed to have strong interactions with alternating interfaces in the multilayers, and this effect could be due to elastic bunching of the dislocations at alternating interfaces caused by the misfit stress.

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