Preparation of superconducting YBa2Cu4O8 by the sol-gel method


Superconducting YBa2Cu4O8 ceramics were synthesized by the sol-gel method using corresponding metal acetates as starting materials, water as solvent, and tartaric acid under 1 atm oxygen pressure. YBa2Cu4O8 powder was obtained as a single phase by heating the gel at 780 °C for 30 h in flowing oxygen. Tc was 80 K from magnetic susceptibility measurements. Pelletizing and sintering this powder revealed Tc (onset) of 87 K and Tc (end) of 78 K from resistance measurements. YBa2Cu4O8 pellets sintered at 780 °C for 30 h in O2 also consist of a single phase with Tc (onset) of 85 K and Tc (end) of 75 K.

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