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Influence of low-molecular weight glutenin subunits on wheat kernel elasticity and sedimentation volume

  • J. D. C. FigueroaEmail author
  • R. J. Peña
  • P. Rayas-Duarte
  • K. Khan
Quality and Utilization


The effect of low molecular weight (LMW) glutenin subunits (GS) in presence of high molecular weight (HMW)-GS has over SDS sedimentation volume (SDSS) and kernel elasticity is presented. Twenty-six wheat lines having different origins and classified by SDS-PAGE into 14 different LMW-GS genotypic allelic groups were analyzed. When good HMW-GS background, i.e. Glu-1 1, 2*, 7 + 9 or 17 + 18 and 5 + 10 was associated with a number of allelic variants of Glu-3 loci (LMW-GS), i.e. Glu-A3 c and b; Glu-B3 g, h, d, higher kernel modulus of elasticity and SDSS were generally present. However, when poor HMW-GS background was present, i.e. Glu-1 null, 7 + 8, 2 + 12, a poor to medium modulus of elasticity and SDSS were generally found. Glu-B3 j allelic group, which possesses the wheat-rye translocation showed a tendency to have low elastic modulus, high plastic work (WP) and low SDSS. The effects of good LMW-GS are enhanced by a good HMW-GS background, yielding higher kernel elasticity and SDSS.


LMW-GS HMW-GS sedimentation volume modulus of elasticity kernel elasticity 


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  • P. Rayas-Duarte
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