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Analyses of monomeric storage proteins “gliadins” in Iranian bread wheats

  • A. A. Shahnejat BushehriEmail author
  • A. Salavati
  • B. Yazdi Samadi
  • M. E. Hassani
  • S. Shahnejat Bushehri
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A collection of new and obsolete Iranian bread wheat cultivars were characterized for gliadins using acid polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (A-PAGE). Extensive polymorphism (H) = 0.734 in gliadin patterns was found. A total of 26 band patterns including 13, 8 and 5 different mobility bands were identified, in the zones of ω-, β + γ- and α-gliadins, respectively. There were a few patterns specific to each region and some were common among all the regions. Patterns of α-gliadin C, β + γ-gliadins A, and ω-gliadins H, C and E patterns were significantly higher in temperate and tropical zones. β + γ-gliadin C and ω-gliadin Q were significantly higher in Caspian-cold regions. Variation was observed in gliadins patterns of cultivars grown in different regions in Iran. Individual cultivars showed unique gliadin fingerprints. There were larger variation in ω - and γ + β-gliadins than in α-gliadins. These results may provide complementary information for relating genetic diversity, and quality characterization of Iranian wheat cultivars.


A-PAGE fingerprinting genetic diversity gliadins T. aestivum 


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  • A. Salavati
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  • B. Yazdi Samadi
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