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Grain yield in wheat as affected by short periods of high temperature, drought and their interaction during pre- and post-anthesis stages

  • Vikender KaurEmail author
  • R. K. Behl


Drought and high temperature are especially considered as key stress factors with high potential impact on crop yield. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of short periods of high temperature, drought and their combination at different growth stages of plant under controlled conditions. The effects of high temperature and drought on grain yield were additive. However, high temperature increased the degree of water stress and the combined effects of drought and high temperature were much more severe than those of each individual treatment. High temperature and drought applied at post- anthesis shortened duration of maturation, grain filling duration and reduced grain yield, mean grain weight, grain number and thousand-grain weight.


wheat grain weight grain number high temperature drought grain yield test weight 



high temperature



HT + D

high temperature + drought


days after anthesis


days after sowing


permanent wilting point


relative humidity


duration of maturation


grain filling duration


Booting stage


Post-anthesis stage

S1 + S2

Booting + post-anthesis stage


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