Allelic diversity in Bulgarian winter wheat varieties based on polymorphism of glutenin subunit composition


Seventy-three common winter wheat varieties developed throughout the breeding history of the DAI were investigated for their diversity of allelic variants on storage proteins component composition in grain. The high- and low molecular weight protein structures were determined by the widely used SDS-PAGE method of Payne et al. (1980). The ratio between the individual alleles on the loci of high and low molecular weight glutenin was analyzed. The change in the HMW-score was followed according to the period when the respective varieties were developed. The configuration Glu-A1b, GluB1c, Glu-D1d, which was established in about 45% of the investigated genotypes, was most frequent in the high-molecular variants of glutenin. Concerning the low-molecular weight glutenins in 21 out of the 73 investigated varieties, the combination Glu-A3c, Glu-B3b, Glu-D3c was observed; it coincided with the spectrum of the widely used variety Bezostaya 1. Highest diversity was established in the allelic variants of Glu-A3, Glu-B3, in which 6 and 5 alleles, respectively, were observed. The quality of the varieties developed at DAI was relatively high (score 8.1). About a quarter of them are with high end-use quality confirmed in production. This is mainly due to the concentration of “strong” positive alleles in glutenin as a result from the intensive use of parents directly or indirectly related to Bezostaya 1, which lead to decrease of the percent of Glu-B1a (2 + 12). Quality should be further increased by additional diversity of combinations between “possitive” as effect on end-use grain quality alleles. Concerning HMW loci to keep of high grain end-use quality, it is necessary to maintain the status of Glu-A1b (2*), as well as of Glu-D1d (5 + 10).



high molecular weight


glutenin subunits


low molecular weight


Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute


sodium dodecylsulphate polyacrylamide gel


hard red winter wheat


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