Allelic Variation at the Glu-D3 Locus in Chinese Bread Wheat and Effects on Dough Properties, Pan Bread and Noodle Qualities


Glutenin subunit alleles at the Glu-D3 locus and their effects on dough properties, pan bread, and dry white Chinese noodle (DWCN) qualities were investigated using 106 winter and facultative wheat cultivars and advanced lines. Allele Glu-D3c (42.5%) was the most frequent glutenin subunit, followed by Glu-D3b (25.5%) and Glu-D3a (23.6%). Glu-D3d and Glu-D3f occurred in only three and six cultivars, respectively. The effect of Glu-D3 was significant for DWCN quality, accounting for up to 16% of the variation, but there were no significant differences between individual Glu-D3 alleles on dough properties and qualities of DWCNand pan bread. Interaction effects Glu-A1 × Glu-D3 and Glu-B1 × Glu-D3 were significant for DWCN quality and loaf volume. More work is needed to understand the effects of Glu-D3 variation on the determination of dough properties and end-use quality.


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  • Triticum aestivum
  • Glu-D3
  • allelic variation
  • bread-making quality
  • Chinese noodle quality