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Allelic Diversity in Granule Bound Starch Synthase Genes in Indian Wheats and Their Relationship with Starch Pasting Properties

  • S. RamEmail author
  • I. Sharma


Two hundred and seventy wheat varieties developed in India during the past 100 years were assessed for allelic diversity of waxy genes and two hundred varieties for starch pasting properties. Large variation was exhibited in starch pasting properties such as peak viscosity (159.3 to 303.2 RVU), RVA breakdown (28.5 RVU to 111.4 RVU), setback (73.2 to 116.3) and final viscosity (109.2 to 309.1 RVU) measured by Rapid Visco-Analyzer. Flour swelling power varied from 10.25 to 16.19 with the average value of 13.24. Final viscosity showed strong positive correlation with peak viscosity (R2 = 0.55). Significant positive correlation was observed between peak viscosity and flour swelling power (R2 = 0.37). Because flour swelling can be measured using 40 mg of the flour, it has utility in breeding programme to identify desirable recombinants in early segregating generations. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of Wx-B1 locus showed the presence of Wx-B1 null in 60% of the varieties and exhibited significant positive correlation with peak viscosity (P < 0.01), flour swelling power (P < 0.001) and RVA breakdown (P < 0.001). Therefore, the combination of both the PCR for Wx-B1 null and microlevel test for starch properties such as FSP can be used for the improvement of flour properties suitable for various end-use products of wheat.


wheat granule bound starch synthase flour swelling power starch viscosity null allele 



granule bound starch synthase


flour swelling power


Rapid Visco-Analyzer


American Association of Cereal Chemists


polymerase chain reaction


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