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Influences of Hypertonic and Hypovolemic Treatments on Vasopressin Response in Propylthiouracil (PTU) Induced Hypothyroid Ratand Effect on Supplementation with L-Thyroxine

  • Leyla Aydin
  • R. MogulkocEmail author
  • A. K. Baltaci


This study was performed to investigate the effects of L-thyroxine treatment on plasma vasopressin (AVP) levels in rats with hypothyroidism induced by propylthiouracil (PTU). Animals were separated into three groups each having 6 rats: control, PTU, PTU+L-thyroxine groups. Then, the groups were further divided into 3 sub-groups including 6 rats (a; basal, b; hypertonic stimulated and c; hypovolemic stimulated). At the end of the experiments all rats were decapitated in order to obtain plasma samples for analysis in terms of Hct, osmolality, TT3, TT4 and vasopressin. Haematocrit (Hct) levels were the highest in hypovolemic stimulated sub-group (P < 0.001). Osmolality levels were higher in hypertonic stimulated sub-groups (P < 0.001). Total T3 and T4 values were the lowest in the PTU group and the highest in the L-thyroxine treated group (P < 0.001). Plasma AVP levels were reduced by hypothyroidism. However, L-thyroxine treatment after the hypothyroidism prevented this reduction (P < 0.001). Vasopressin responses to basal, hypovolemic and hypertonic stimulations were the lowest in the PTU group (P < 0.001). The results of the present study show that basal and stimulated plasma vasopressin levels are reduced in PTU-induced hypothyroidism. However, L-thyroxine treatment following hypothyroidism prevents this reduction.


Hypothyroidism thyroxine treatment AVP osmolality rat 


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