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Identifying some Additional Rust Resistance Genes in Indian Wheat Varieties Using Robust Markers

  • H. Khan
  • S. C. BhardwajEmail author
  • O. P. Gangwar
  • P. Prasad
  • P. L. Kashyap
  • S. Savadi
  • S. Kumar
  • R. Rathore
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A set of forty wheat cultivars comprising bread wheat, durum and triticale identified during 2010–2014 were tested for resistance to Indian pathotypes of leaf, stem and yellow rusts at seedling stage under controlled conditions. Eight Lr genes (Lr1, Lr3, Lr10, Lr13, Lr14a, Lr23, Lr24 and Lr26) were characterized based on differential interactions with specific rust races. Genes Lr23, Lr26 and Lr13 conferred leaf rust resistance in most of the accessions. Three Yr genes (YrA, Yr2 and Yr9) were inferred in 40 genotypes, where Yr2 followed by Yr9 were most frequent in conferring stripe rust resistance. Ten Sr genes, namely, Sr2, Sr5, Sr8a, Sr7b, Sr9b, Sr9e, Sr11, Sr13, Sr24 and Sr31, were postulated in these lines with predominance of Sr11, Sr31 and Sr2. These Lr, Sr and Yr genes were observed singly or in combination. Robust DNA markers were used to identify adult plant resistance genes Yr18/Lr34/Sr57, Lr68 and Sr2 and all stage resistance genes Lr24/Sr24, Sr28 and Yr9/Lr26/Sr31. STS marker iag95 showed presence of Yr9 in four additional cultivars which were resistant to one or more rusts. Gene Sr28 was identified in seven durum cultivars with the wPt7004 marker. This is first report of Sr28 being present in many Indian wheat cultivars. CsGs-STS marker identified Lr68 in nine cultivars.


wheat Puccinia rust resistance gene postulation molecular marker 



We are grateful to the Director, ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal, Haryana, 132 001-India for providing the necessary facilities and funds to carry out the research.

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Identifying some Additional Rust Resistance Genes in Indian Wheat Varieties Using Robust Markers


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  • H. Khan
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  • S. C. Bhardwaj
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  • O. P. Gangwar
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  • P. Prasad
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  • P. L. Kashyap
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  • S. Savadi
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  • S. Kumar
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  • R. Rathore
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  1. 1.ICAR - Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley ResearchFlowerdale, ShimlaIndia

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