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Changes in Expression of Neuropeptides and Their Receptors in the Hypothalamus and Gastrointestinal Tract of Calorie Restricted Hens

  • Ádám Simon
  • János Oláh
  • István Komlósi
  • András Jávor
  • József Németh
  • Zoltán Szilvásy
  • Dóra Reglődi
  • Andrea Tamás
  • Levente CzeglédiEmail author


The list of orexigenic and anorexigenic peptides, those are known to alter feed intake, is continuously growing. However, most of them are studied in mammalian species. We aimed to investigate plasma level and mRNA expression of the pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP), gene expression of its receptor (PAC1), furthermore the gene expression of galanin (GAL), neuromedin U (NMU), and its two receptors (NMUR1 and NMUR2) in the hypothalamus, proventriculus, and jejunum of hens exposed to 40% calorie restriction. Feed restriction resulted in a 88% increase in mRNA and a 27% increase in peptide level of PACAP in proventriculus measured with qPCR and RIA, respectively. Increases were found in the gene expression of PAC1 (49%) and NMUR1 (63%) in the hypothalamus. Higher expressions of peptide encoding genes (76% for PACAP, 41% for NMU, 301% for NMUR1 and 308% for GAL, P < 0.05) were recorded in the jejunum of hens exposed to restricted nutrition. The results indicate that PACAP level responds to calorie restriction in the proventriculus and jejunum, but not in the hypothalamus and plasma.


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