Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

, Volume 91, Issue 1–9, pp 729–737 | Cite as

Activity of xylose reductase from Candida mogii grown in media containing different concentrations of rice straw hydrolysate

  • Zea D. V. L. Mayerhoff
  • Inês C. Roberto
  • Telma T. Franco


Xylose reductase (XR) activity was evaluated in extracts of Candida mogii grown in media containing different concentrations of rice straw hydrolysate. Results of X Ractivity were compared to xylitol production and a similar behavior was observed for these parameters. Highest values of specific production and productivity were found for xylose reductase (35 U/g of cell and 0.97 U/[g of cell·h], respectively) and for xylitol (5.63 g/g of cell and 0.13 g/[g of cell·h]) in fermentation conducted in medium containing 49.2 g of xylose/L. The maximum value of XR:XD ratio (1.82) was also calculated under this initial xylose concentration with 60 h of fermentation.

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Candida mogii hydrolysate concentration rice straw xylitol xylose reductase 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Zea D. V. L. Mayerhoff
    • 1
  • Inês C. Roberto
    • 2
  • Telma T. Franco
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Chemical EngineeringState University of CampinasCampinasBrazil
  2. 2.Department of BiotechnologyFaculty of Chemical Engineering of LorenaBrazil

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