Obesity Surgery

, Volume 9, Issue 5, pp 471–479 | Cite as

Peripheral and Central Mechanisms Regulating Food Intake and Macronutrient Selection

  • David A York

Food intake is regulated by a complex interaction of central and peripheral pathways. A range of neuropeptides affects feeding either through actions at the gastrointestinal/hepatic level or in the central nervous system. Circulating signals such as leptin and insulin modulate and interact with these neuropeptide systems to control energy balance. The roles of the melanocortin MC4 receptor pathway, agouti-related protein, melanocyte concentrating hormone, cocaine- amphetamine-regulated transport, neuropeptide Y, and enterostatin in the control of food intake and macronutrient selection are described.

Food intake neuropeptides leptin insulin energy balance obesity 


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