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Bringing global braking expertise to Indian shores

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Shopfloor Brakes India

The process of developing braking systems for a modern vehicle requires a combination of complex techniques and tooling precision. While the mechanism differs with different brake types (for example, discs vs drums etc.), it also has to depend upon the level of technology an OEM prefers to have in place for a specific variant or platform. This, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for higher efficiency and feedback from braking units, renders it an absolute must for component manufacturers to have almost zero margin for error. Brakes India Pvt Ltd has been a market leader in supplying braking systems to major OEMs, with plants located in India and abroad. We had the opportunity to interact with S. Viji, Managing Director, Brakes India Pvt Ltd, on the company’s journey till date and the tech advancements now being witnessed.

Varied offerings for broad customer base

Founded in 1962, Brakes India is a joint venture between TVS and ZF TRW. ATR visited the Chennai production facility of...


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