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Clay Modelling — From Sketch to Model

  • Thomas Kalker
Cover Story Automotive Design

First impressions are decisive vital to the sales success of a car. That is why, even in today’s computer age, OEMs continue to work with clay models that can be constantly refined and improved throughout the design process. This allows designers to get a three-dimensional sense of their sketches — as a physical complete model. Ford describes the intensive exchange between various technical departments as well as the skills and tools applied by Ford to create a full-scale clay model.

Shaping the Initial Draft

Sketches by automotive designers are often of great artistic value. Skilful lines and colours express the company’s philosophy and embody characteristics such as “sporty” and “dynamic”. But every project begins with an idea that the designer must trace out on paper. The initial sketches are driven by an overarching concept pre-determined by the company, for example “family sportsvan”, “people carrier” or “sports car”. Drafts are assessed, developed and further refined by a team of...


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