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Separately excited synchronous machine potentials in E-motor development

  • Olaf Johann
  • Johannes Müller
Development Electric Motors

The separately excited synchronous machine (SSM) has outgrown the status of an expensive high-tech gimmick for technology enthusiasts. Brose-SEW has evaluated the basic concept of this type of E-machine with inductive rotary transmitter and the development chain required for the realisation of specific aggregates to the extent that machine development programs can already be reliably predicted and implemented today. Ongoing development projects are used for the further development of future large-series productions that can be regarded as market-ready from today’s point of view in terms of costs. The maintenance-free and wear-free SSM clearly outdistances all of the alternatives with respect to functional safety and control behaviour.

New dimension

In the initial phase of electric mobility, the automotive industry first adapted and integrated proven traditional E-machines, the majority of which were adopted from existing industrial drive applications. Nowadays the challenge is to...

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  • Olaf Johann
    • 1
  • Johannes Müller
    • 1
  1. 1.Brose-SEW Elektromobilitäts GmbH & Co. KGBruchsalGermany

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