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Adhesive bonding — the joining technology of the 21st century

20 years of workforce training in adhesive bonding technology
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This year Fraunhofer IFAM celebrates a very special anniversary: 20 years of giving training courses in adhesive bonding technology. Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß has been involved from the very outset. He is Head of the Workforce Training and Technology Transfer Department at Fraunhofer IFAM into which the “Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology” is integrated. In this interview with “adhäsion” he describes the success of the adhesive bonding training courses and gives insight into the future.

Prof. Groß: Was it your own idea, 20 years ago, to start offering supracompany workforce training courses in adhesive bonding technology?

No, it was very much a shared idea. I started working at Fraunhofer IFAM in 1987. My third business trip was to Berlin for a work group meeting involving representatives from R&D organizations, industrial associations, adhesive manufacturers, and adhesive users. The reason for the meeting was to address the following question: What needs to be done in order to make...

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