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Bonding instead of riveting

Manufacture of refrigerated vehicles
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A British refrigerated vehicle manufacturer changes the technique used to assemble refrigerated bodies. The combination of riveting and bonding has now been entirely replaced by bonding — resulting in significantly shorter manufacturing times.

Even if, to the layman, it looks like nothing more than a box-shaped housing: The refrigerated body in a truck is an extremely complex structure ( Figure 1). In order to ensure effective insulation, the multi-layered body is complemented by many different fixed and moving components, such as doors, flaps, fixed shelves, locks and temperature control sensors. More and more trucks have different cooling compartments on board, which makes them even more expensive to assemble. Solomon Commercials Ltd. is the UK’s leading supplier of these special vehicles. The company believes its market position is based mainly on its ability to supply tailor-made refrigerated vehicles and bodies within a short time frame. Its product range is also comprehensive and...

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