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Keeping an eye on the curing progress

2-Part Structural Adhesive with Color Indicator
  • Adrian Jung
Adhesives and Sealants

The quality of a structural adhesive bond depends not only on its load bearing limits. A reliable curing process is of equal importance for its long-term stability. A unique adhesive that visually indicates its shelf life and the progress of its own curing process now helps to increase the reliability of adhesive bonding.

A new adhesive provides a special benefit to engineers and workers in structural bonding applications. It employs color indicators in traffic-light colors to reliably show the exact state of the curing process. A further visual indicator also shows whether the shelf life of the adhesive has been exceeded. Red, yellow and green precisely indicate the progress of the bonding process. That’s why the adhesive has been dubbed the “traffic-light” adhesive. In addition, the color blue signals that the shelf life of the adhesive has been exceeded and it should no longer be used. In addition to many years of extensive research work, it was actually a chance discovery in the...

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