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Flexible, adjustable material hardness

Dosing of two-component silicones
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Plant and Processing Equipment

Silicone has become one of the most versatile connecting materials and can be used across a huge range of applications. Although many users are only familiar with standard commercial “silicone sealants” in plumbing, the material has considerably more potential uses. However, extending its material properties also calls for development of the processing systems to keep pace with the new applications in production processes.

The development of new products and production methods means that users are constantly faced with new requirements in terms of silicone’s material properties. Meanwhile, the ongoing development of silicones is opening up new applications in the industry for future production methods. Because of these two technological drivers for chemical joins, this sector is currently experiencing rapid development. As a result of their versatile material properties, two-component silicone rubbers are being used increasingly frequently in industrial applications. These silicones...

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