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Encapsulants for Sensitive Components

Henkel has launched Loctite Eccobond UV9060F and Loctite Eccobond EN 3707F, two new encapsulant solutions for the protection of environmentally-susceptible components. Both materials were designed for high-UPH production environments and cure quickly with UV light in less than 30 seconds. A second cure mechanism ensures that shadowed areas not exposed to UV light are fully cured. Loctite Eccobond UV9060F has a secondary moisture cure, while a secondary thermal cure is built into Loctite Eccobond EN 3707F.

The use of these new materials offers benefits in particular if a manufacturer does not want to conformal coat or pot the entire assembly. Conformal coatings are effective over large areas, but do have a tendency to wick, produce opens and not cover corners or odd shapes well. In addition to their fast curing and protective properties, the two new materials also have excellent processability and traceability characteristics. They are suitable both...

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