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Dekra merges its material testing business areas

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Dekra is combining its strengths in its German material testing business unit. The Dekra subsidiaries Dekra Material Testing (DMT) GmbH, Duisburg, Incos GmbH, Ingolstadt and W. Hofmann GmbH, Allershausen, are merging to form the new company Dekra Incos GmbH.

In recent years, Dekra’s material testing and inspection business unit has undergone strategic development. In 2012, Dekra acquired Incos GmbH and W. Hofmann GmbH in order to establish the business unit, which is based in southern Germany and focuses on major customers. The Dekra material testing business unit employs more than 270 people at five locations.

“By merging the three German units, we can process larger orders more efficiently on the basis of consistent quality standards. This also brings us closer to our major international customers,” said Achim Hetterich, CEO of the new company Dekra Incos GmbH, which has its headquarters in Ingolstadt. “We want to grow our traditional business even further and, in addition, we plan to expand our range of special testing procedures so that we can increase our market share in that area.”

The innovative, proprietary testing procedures being used at Dekra’s Scandinavian subsidiaries are also to be adapted throughout Europe as part of the international expansion programme.

In addition to mechanical material testing, Dekra Incos specialises in the non-destructive testing of materials, such as radiography, ultrasonic and surface crack testing, leak testing, visual inspections and special testing procedures. The company also provides services such as inspections of technical systems and mechanical components, manufacturer approvals and construction and welding evaluations.

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