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More than 1000 drops per second


More than 1000 drops per second The Adacshot MDS piezoelectric microdispensers available from Adactech Technologies have an impressive dispensing rate of more than 1000 cycles per second. They consist of a modular piezoelectric micro dispensing valve and an electronic control unit to set and monitor the various parameters. The piezo element is responsible for controlling the nozzle. The fluid which is being dispensed reaches the nozzle at high speed and under high pressure, because the dispensing pressure is significantly higher than the supply pressure. As a speed of more than 1000 cycles per second is possible, the fluid can be applied to the substrate using a non-contact process from a certain distance away.

Another special feature of the systems is their ability to process substances of different viscosities. This makes them ideal for the precision dispensing of filled and non-filled adhesives, greases and oils, but also for low viscosity aggressive media, such as cyanoacrylates and fluxing agents. With a pressure of up to several hundred bar and a dispensing frequency of more than 100 Hz at full stroke, the product can be applied to the smallest components, in gaps or on uneven surfaces with high precision.

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