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Netzsch Acquires Bruker’s Thermal Analysis Instruments Business in Japan

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Netzsch Japan K.K. has acquired Bruker’s Thermal Analysis instruments business in Japan.

Yoshio Shinoda, President of Netzsch Japan K.K., stated: “We are convinced that having a large R&D and production site that understands the needs of the Japanese market is an excellent way to further develop our future business in Japan. With an additional 30 employees joining us from Bruker, Netzsch is now in a position to serve our Japanese customers even better, and we will further improve our outstanding reputation as the performance leader in Thermal Analysis instrumentation. This will boost the success that Netzsch has had in recent years in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Sadao Ueki, President of Bruker AXS K.K., added: “It is a great benefit for our valued Thermal Analysis customers and employees to have the Thermal Analysis business now under the management of Netzsch Japan K.K, a global leader in high-performance Thermal Analysis instrumentation. With the support of its headquarters in Germany, Netzsch will have a very successful future in Japan.”

Until recently, Bruker, headquartered in Yokohama, had been distributing high-end Netzsch Thermal Analysis products in Japan in parallel with its own routine Thermal Analysis product line. As one of the leading countries in top level materials research and development, Japan is one of the most important markets for high-performance Thermal Analysis instrumentation.

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