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Machines Designed for Extreme Cases

High-Pressure Cleaning and Deburring
  • Sturm Group
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

High-pressure cleaning and deburring machines must produce good, reliable results. However, it is also important that they are compact, cost-effective and flexible, offer high-speed processes and functions, operate energy efficiently and can easily be integrated into existing production lines.

Smaller, rotationally symmetrical components are generally processed in rotary transfer machines and larger cubic parts in more complex cleaning lines. The processes available on both types of machine include brush deburring, high-pressure cleaning and deburring, precision cleaning, immersion washing, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, blow drying, vacuum drying and cooling. Other processes, such as plasma and laser cleaning, can also be provided by both types of system.

With its broad portfolio of products, the Sturm Group can offer a variety of different solutions. These range from compact rotary transfer cleaning machines through to complex cleaning lines which combine high-pressure processes with...

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