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The Cleaning System and Tank Combination is the Key

Supplier Optimises Parts Cleaning for Changing Requirements
  • Doris Schulz
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

With a portfolio of around 1,000 different parts, it is no easy task to fulfil the growing demands regarding technical surface cleanliness. In order to meet this challenge, a precision parts supplier has invested in two new custom-equipped cleaning systems and a set of versatile cleaning tanks.

Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH was already established more than 40 years ago as a vendor and system/development partner for machining solutions. The core competencies of this family-owned enterprise based in southern Germany lie in CNC turning, milling and grinding services as well as in module and component assembly. The company owns an extensive pool of state-of-the-art equipment for machining aluminium parts, including castings, steels, cast iron, cast steel, titanium and special materials. Its portfolio currently comprises around 1,000 different items for diverse applications in mechanical engineering, plant construction, automotive manufacturing, conveyor technology and robotics, marine and...

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