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Descaling Steel Pipes In-Line

Automated Surface Treatment System Integrated into the Pipe Production Process
  • Heinz Neise
Shot Blasting

A Romanian shipyard has installed a fully automated pipe processing line which includes a blasting machine that prepares the pipes for the subsequent cutting and welding processes. The machine has been designed to meet the customer’s requirements for easy maintenance.

The Vard shipyard in the Romanian town of Tulcea is part of the Italian Fincantieri Group and has recently installed an automated pipe processing line which was developed and installed by 3R Solutions GmbH from Hamm.

When the operator of the line needs a pipe, the selected size of pipe is automatically removed from the high-bay racking system and transferred to a roller conveyor that leads to a blasting machine. The pipes have a standard length of 6 metres, but their outer diameters range from 33.7 to 355 mm. Larger pipes with a diameter up to 508 mm are moved with an indoor crane or forklift truck. The pipe blasting machine was manufactured and installed by Konrad Rump Oberflächentechnik. The pipes are rotated about...

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