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Cleaning Agents Based on Renewable Materials

Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Precision Degreasing
  • Inventec Performance Chemicals Deutschland
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

A new highly efficient cleaning agent has been developed for precision degreasing using a vacuum process. The new product is based on biodegradable raw materials.

Sustainability begins well before the finished products actually reach the end user. In the case of chemicals used in high-tech industries, a greater influence over the processes is needed. In addition, the effects on human health and the environment must be kept to a minimum. This requires the development of new formulations, improved control of the downstream processes, compliance with the strict requirements of the upstream supply chain, the use of renewable raw materials and efficient waste disposal, which includes increased recycling.

Inventec took on these challenges and, in response, developed the Greenway concept as a chemicals brand. The Greenway label is used for products with an impact on health and the environment that has been reduced by at least one third, but which still offer levels of performance that are equivalent to conventional products. The company has also committed to continuously improving the environmental credentials of its chemicals. The cleaning agent that can be used, for example, in vacuum cleaning machines in the manufacture of high-tech products was developed on the basis of the Greenway concept and is manufactured using renewable raw materials. It has been given the Greenway label because its toxicity, level of skin and eye irritants and chemical oxygen demand have been significantly reduced when compared with traditional products. At the same time, it is made primarily of renewable raw materials.

The highly efficient cleaning product is used for precision degreasing in a vacuum cleaning process in the mechanical engineering industry. The lipophilic, bio-based solvent has a limited distillation range which prevents any risk of co-distillation with harmful substances. It produces very good cleaning results, even in the case of contamination with undiluted oils, and requires no special labelling. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to hydrocarbons and oxygenated solvents for use in the same machines and has comparable levels of efficiency.

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