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Criteria for Selecting the Correct Cleaning System

Aqueous Parts Cleaning
  • Jens Emmerich
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

What should users take into account when planning a new cleaning system and choosing a suitable process? Many different parameters need to be considered. A variety of different aqueous cleaning processes is available and these processes can be adapted to meet individual requirements.

Cleaning workpieces, components and assemblies is a multi-dimensional and complex process. In contrast, the result is easy to describe. The main aim of final cleaning processes is to comply with customers’ cleanliness standards, which relate primarily to the appearance and functionality of the parts. In the interim cleaning process, the focus is on ensuring that the workpiece quality meets the requirements of the subsequent processes and production phases. The surface properties of the substrate (roughness, topography, coating) must not be subjected to any further modifications.

The requirements for surface quality can vary considerably. The spectrum ranges from general specifications for parts which are...

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