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Ultrasonic Sieving — Practical Hints and Tips

Perfect Powder Preparation
  • Michael Topp
Powder Coating

Ultrasonic sieving has become an essential aspect of modern powder coating plants. In order to sieve powder effectively and efficiently, the sieve must be treated with care and regularly maintained. Below are some tips for installing and operating an ultrasonic sieve.

For several years, ultrasonic sieves have been a popular option for improving the quality of coatings. In order to achieve positive results, it is important to take into consideration a number of basic requirements during planning and use, which are described in more detail here.

Before we look more closely at the benefits a sieve can bring, we need to establish some basic principles. The ultrasonic sieve in the coating system must not take over the tasks of the (ultrasonic) sieve in the powder production process. When planning the plant, the assumption must be made that the powder supplier used a sieve with a mesh size one third larger than that intended for use in the coating process. For example, if the sieve in the...

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