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Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection Coatings with an Aesthetic Appeal

Hot-Dip Galvanising plus Powder Primer and Powder Top Coat
  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
  • Galvaswiss AG
Powder Coating

The phrase “heavy-duty corrosion protection” brings to mind thick coatings with rough surfaces, which are not exactly attractive to look at. But coatings that provide heavy-duty corrosion protection can also have a pleasing appearance. A combination of a powder primer and powder top coat applied to a hot-dip galvanised substrate is what makes this possible.

Very few things in life last as long as Galvaswiss products. This slogan conveys the Swiss surface finishing company’s goal of providing protective coatings for steel and metal objects which also look attractive. In its four modern galvanising plants and paint shops, Galvaswiss galvanises and then coats parts up to 20 metres long and 3 metres high. The company guarantees a service life of up to 45 years for the parts, without any maintenance being required. This, of course, can only be achieved by using the highest quality processes.

In addition to traditional hot-dip galvanising, the company also uses the Thermoplex 2 process,...

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  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
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  • Galvaswiss AG
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  2. 2.AarbergSwitzerland

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