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New Conveyor System for Washing Machine Manufacturer

Flexible Power and Free Conveyor is the Perfect Fit
  • Michael Seeger
Materials Handling

A high-performance power and free conveyor was added to an existing system at the plant of the Turkish washing machine manufacturer Arçelik A.Ş. giving a total length of 4000 metres. The new conveyor connects the old system with four assembly lines and five unloading areas. As well as ensuring considerable flexibility for the production process, the conveyor also has a large capacity and high level of availability, while accommodating a variety of products.

The Turkish company Arçelik, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of white goods, is planning to consolidate its market position, among other things by modernising its overhead chain conveyor system in order to increase the quality and efficiency of its washing machine production process. The company, which in 2012 had 23,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of 4.6 billion euros, has been manufacturing durable household appliances and entertainment electronics products since 1955 at its plant near Istanbul.

In 2012, Arçelik...

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