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Cleaning and Pre-Treatment of Machine Components

Flexible, Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly
  • Ralf Dürr-Krouzilek
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

New combinations of processes are available for cleaning and pre-treating machine components, which offer environmentally friendly, reliable, low-cost solutions.

Manual pre-treatment of machine components using wet chemical processes has become increasingly widespread in recent years as a result of more stringent legislation, higher quality standards and the growing use of low-VOC paints. Clean, non-greasy, phosphated surfaces allow for effective coating adhesion and good corrosion resistance on high-quality products made from cast iron, steel, iron and steel sheet.

It is always worthwhile assessing the possibility of re-using the cleaning and phosphating agents, because recycling the chemicals is preferable to disposing of them after use and is also more cost-effective and sustainable.

A tried-and-tested concept from the painting machinery manufacturer Lutro demonstrates that cost-effectiveness and a low environmental impact are not mutually exclusive when it comes to parts cleaning....

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