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A “Smart” Paint Shop

Painting without a Primer
  • Gerald Scheffels
Automotive Finishing

The Smart production facility at the Daimler plant in Hambach in France officially opened its new paint shop in May 2013. This is the second Daimler plant to use the IP2 process, which dispenses with the need for primer and consists of the wet-on-wet application of water-based paints. The new paint shop, involving an investment of around 50 million euros, has reduced energy consumption at the plant and has been operating reliably since it was commissioned.

When the first Smart car rolled off the production line around 15 years ago, it was the start of a whole new class of vehicles, which has since become a permanent feature of the market. The Smart fortwo is now being sold in 46 countries, with the most recent market launches taking place in Argentina, China and Russia. Daimler emphasises that the car is only one part, although admittedly the most important, of its modern mobility concept, which is aimed primarily at the residents of large cities. The concept includes an e-bike, the...

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