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The Ideal Solution when the Going Gets Tough

High-Pressure Pumps for High-Viscosity Materials
  • Marcus Allig
Liquid Coating

Automated systems are increasingly being used in the automotive industry to apply sealants and noise insulation materials. A new generation of modular high-pressure pumps and regulators offers both high flow rates and ease of maintenance.

The systems used to apply the materials that improve vehicle acoustics, seal joints in the bodywork or protect the underbody have to fulfil growing demands. In order to meet the necessary standards, powerful systems with large-capacity, high-ratio pumps that allow for large flow rates and high material pressures are required. At the same time, the application process must be reliable and cost-effective. These were Eisenmann’s development criteria for its new generation of modular pumps and regulators. Efficiency and ease of maintenance also played an important role. The new range of products consists of high-pressure pumps for transporting the materials, four-valve high-pressure pumps for increasing pressure and a coordinated selection of...

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