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Guidelines for Measuring Colours

Optimising Coating Processes
  • Reinhard FeldEmail author
Measuring and Testing

Colour measurement is an essential part of the production of high quality materials and coatings in the automotive industry. This article gives a number of useful hints on how to get it right.

Automotive suppliers are faced with the challenge of measuring colours accurately and meeting their customers’ requirements reliably. Manufacturers of measuring instruments have developed a range of tools to help in this process which allow everyone to learn the language of colour and use it for quality assurance purposes. In the same way as a craftsman needs the right tools, automotive suppliers should aim first of all to understand what their customers want to measure and what level of accuracy is required. They must ask the following questions:

Which colour scale does the customer use?

Measuring instruments generally provide a figure for all the three basic elements of colour: lightness, hue and saturation. Three-dimensional colour space systems have been developed on the basis of these three...

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