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A Wider Variety of Finishes and Designs

Combinations of Coatings Offer New Opportunities
  • Rainer Venz

Electroplated coatings provide a high level of protection against wear, thus extending the service life of components. By carefully combining different coatings, it is possible to add further properties, such as colour or increased corrosion resistance.

Over many years, electroplating has been a reliable method for applying a metal coating to a variety of different substrates. The most important requirement is an electrically conductive surface. The careful selection and combination of different substrates and coating systems enables parts to be produced with additional properties and functions. For example, the use of an electroless nickel or hard chrome coating can improve a component’s resistance to wear and, therefore, increase its service life.

Zinc or zinc alloy coatings deposited on steel substrates give excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion. In addition, they allow for significant weight savings and create an authentic, high-quality metal finish. Electroplated surfaces...

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