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Cost-Cutting Overspray Filtration System

Clean Air in Manual Spray Booths
  • Eike Ostendorf-Servissoglou
Liquid Coating

A metal construction company has installed a new filtration system for overspray in its paint shop where large and complex components are painted by hand. The compact dry filter system has a low energy consumption and a long filter service life.

From the design through to the finished product, mks Metallbau Schreiber GmbH, based near Stuttgart in Germany, supplies its customers in the construction machinery, tunnel building, aviation and mechanical engineering industries with the highest quality metal components and assemblies. After the aluminium, steel and stainless steel structures have been welded, they generally undergo some kind of surface treatment. Depending on where the components will be used and on the customer’s requirements, they can be painted, powder coated, galvanised, black-finished, sand blasted or bead blasted.

The individual parts are painted by hand in a spacious paint shop. In order to produce the best possible results and create a good indoor climate for the...

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