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High-Quality, Long-Term Protection for Agricultural and Construction Machinery

  • Thomas Vortmüller
Cleaning and Pretreatment Pre-Treatment without Heavy Metals

In the agricultural industry, anti-corrosion coatings are really put to the test. When a tractor is ploughing a field in wet and windy weather, the tractor body and the add-on parts are exposed to stone chips, moisture and mud. Despite these tough conditions, new technologies are now available for pre-treating and coating farming machinery cost-effectively.

The pre-treatment systems used in the production of agricultural machinery have to fulfil a range of functions. On the one hand, the coating must be highly robust and durable, while on the other hand for cost reasons a high level of protection has to be achieved for the chassis, cross-members and add-on parts after only one or two coatings. Nevertheless, in the showroom the machines must impress potential customers with their design and high-quality surface finish. But good looks are not the most important issue. In this industry, it is all about full compliance with each manufacturer’s corporate design guidelines. A high level of...

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