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Meeting the Highest Standards of Cleanliness

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Cleaning and Pretreatment Cleaning with Modified Alcohol

In order to comply with predefined cleanliness requirements, the French supplier Fondex is using cleaning machines that operate with modified alcohol. After the cleaning process, the parts are checked in a clean room and packaged automatically.

For parts suppliers, high levels of production quality are no longer enough to ensure that they remain competitive. Their parts also have to meet specific cleanliness standards. Over the course of its 50-year history, the family business Fondex has always been in a position to continue developing in its role as a parts supplier. Around half of its turnover (12.5 million euros) comes from supplying stamped and formed parts to the automotive industry. More than one third of its production goes to customers outside Europe. “As a supplier of increasingly complex parts and assemblies, we must constantly ensure that we stand out among our competitors,” explains David Schuler, managing director of Fondex, which is based in Cluses and has 65 employees....

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