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Minimum Maintenance, Maximum Functions

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Automotive Finishing A New VarioShuttle

For around ten years, the VarioShuttle has been providing flexible processes and high-quality results in the pre-treatment and electrocoating of vehicle bodies. The newly developed version of the conveyor system now has even more to offer: a two-thirds reduction in maintenance, improved functionality and compatibility with existing systems.

Many car manufacturers throughout the world use the VarioShuttle to transport vehicle bodies through the pre-treatment and electrocoating process. There is a good reason for this: the programmable transport, lifting and rotating axes and the individual control system for the shuttles allows the dipping curves and the processing times to be adapted quickly and easily to a wide range of body types and shapes. In comparison with chain-drive and other conventional systems, this produces the best possible cleaning and coating results and also enables the force applied to more fragile areas of the body and to bonded joints, both of which are needed for...

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