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Fast ROI with High-Pressure Diaphragm Pumps

  • Michael Hense
Liquid Coating Efficient Spraying of Pre-Mixed Two-Component Coating Materials

In addition to classical high-pressure piston pumps for high-viscosity coating materials and cup guns for low-viscosity materials and smaller spraying jobs, high-pressure diaphragm technology is playing an increasingly important role. Modern high-pressure diaphragm pumps offer decisive advantages compared to piston pumps.

Modern coating systems have increasingly special properties. Changes in chemical compositions result in requirements that have to be taken into account during spraying. This has effects on the material transfer system being used. For example, a reduction in solvent content results in a rise in viscosity, which has effects on the operation and performance of classical material transfer systems.

Due to their metallic components, corrosion protection coatings are very abrasive and result in increased wear, while the hardeners in modern two-component coating systems, due to their reactivity with humidity, require special handling during storage and material delivery in...

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