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For High-Quality Applications

  • Roland Kern
Liquid Coating New Two-Component, Polyurethane, Ultra-High-Solid, Single-Coat System

A new two-component, ultra-high-solid, single-coat system meets all the requirements of high-quality applications. In addition, the new coating system reduces production and logistics costs.

The demands placed on coating systems are constantly increasing in terms of both the quality of the surface finish and the efficiency of the coating process. Another factor for consideration is the VOC regulations, which have led to the growing use of environmentally friendly water-borne paints, powder coatings and high-solid systems. Many users need coating systems with a solid content of around 80 % by weight in order to ensure that their solution falls well below the VOC threshold of 420 g/l. Systems of this kind are described as ultra-high-solid systems.

High-quality industrial coatings have typically taken the form of multi-layer structures consisting of two-component epoxy primers, together with two-component polyurethane top coats. This type of system produces coatings with excellent...

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