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Integration of B-pillars into the Side Doors of the Ford B-Max

  • Jochen Klingbeil
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Front Door Side Impact Boron Steel Body Stiffness Side Door 



The development of a new passenger car like the Ford B-Max with an innovative door system is only possible as a team work. The author says thank you to the following persons at Ford-Werke GmbH for the assistance during creating this trade article: Thomas Müller, Christian Morgenstern, Dr. Robert Spahl, Jörgen Hilmann, Thomas Benderoth, Sönke Kleinert and Uwe Bülow as well as Peter Maher for his help of the English translation.


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    Klingbeil, J.; et al.: Der neue Ford B-Max – Vom Kunden über Idee und Konzept zum innovativen Produkt. Vortrag, ATZlive Karosseriebautage, Hamburg, May 10 – 11, 2012Google Scholar

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