Infinite Sharply Multiply Transitive Groups

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The finite sharply 2-transitive groups were classified by Zassenhaus in the 1930’s. They essentially all look like the group of affine linear transformations \(x\mapsto ax+b\) for some field (or at least near-field) \(K\). However, the question remained open whether the same is true for infinite sharply 2-transitive groups. There has been extensive work on the structures associated to such groups indicating that Zassenhaus’ results might extend to the infinite setting. For many specific classes of groups, like Lie groups, linear groups, or groups definable in o-minimal structures it was indeed proved that all examples inside the given class arise in this way as affine groups. However, it recently turned out that the reason for the lack of a general proof was the fact that there are plenty of sharply 2-transitive groups which do not arise from fields or near-fields! In fact, it is not too hard to construct concrete examples (see below). In this note, we survey general sharply \(n\)-transitive groups and describe how to construct examples not arising from fields.


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