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Introduction of Human Resource Primary Cost Reporting at Bayer in Japan

  • Florence Clair
  • Florian Storek

Implementation of standardized and efficient reporting for all human resource-related cost and headcount information through an SAP-based reporting platform in the cultural context of Japan

Introduction and Project Overview

Human Resources represent one of the biggest single expense items in the Bayer-Group. An effective personnel policy and efficient human resource reporting and controlling are essential to ensure that the Group continues to operate profitably. The objective of human resource reporting and controlling is the worldwide determination of headcount and related costs in order to provide the management of the Bayer-Group with a meaningful tool for steering purposes.

Several independent reporting packages existed in the Bayer-Group in this area – however the need for a consolidated reporting package with the help of one global tool and the use of standard global definitions was identified to ensure efficient reporting processes and non-contradictory pieces of information. In...


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  • Florence Clair
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  • Florian Storek
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