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Determination of Pyrethroid Insecticide Deltamethrin by Micellar Liquid Chromatography with Spectrophotometric Detection

  • Artem U. Kulikov


A simple micellar liquid chromatographic technique for deltamethrin determination was developed and validated. The method provided to be suitable for deltamethrin determination in pediculicide shampoo. Kromasil C18 column (150 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm) and mobile phase −0.12 M sodium dodecyl sulfate with 9% (v/v) 1-butanol were used for deltamethrin separation. Detection wavelength was 265 nm. The retention time was about 15 min. Different validation parameters were evaluated. The specificity of the method was demonstrated. Linearity was established in the range 10–40 μg L−1. The limits of detection and quantitation were 1.06 and 3.22 μg mL−1, respectively. The method showed excellent accuracy (100.6%) and precision (repeatability) gave a relative standard deviation of less than 1%. The influence of the various method parameters (robustness study) was also studied.


Column liquid chromatography Micellar liquid chromatography Deltamethrin Sodium dodecyl sulfate Validation 


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