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Study of Bed Homogenity of Methacrylate-Based Monolithic Columns for Micro-HPLC and CEC

  • B. Buszewski
  • M. Szumski


The preparation of polymeric monolithic (rod) columns for micro-HPLC and capillary electrochromatography (CEC) was described. Monolithic micro-columns were synthesized from methacrylates possesing different functional groups such as: butyl, laury, octadecyl and isobornyl. Special attention was paid on the modification of quartz capillary wall and before formation of capillary column bed as a result of polymerization. The evaluation of homogeneity and quality of formed beds was performed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), porosimetry and electrochromatography and/or micro-HPLC. Good synthesis reproducibility, high homogeneity of formed beds and also high efficiency (N=90 000 plates m−1 for micro-HPLC and N=140 000 plates m−1 for CEC) were obtained.


Capillary electrochromatography Micro-HPLC Monolithic columns Synthetic polymers Bed homogeneity 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Environmental Chemistry and EcoanalyticsNicolaus Copernicus University, Faculty of ChemistryToruńPoland

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