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Flexible Sputter Processes

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Thin Films New Range of DC Generators

A new generation of DC generators has been developed specifically for high-quality sputter processes. The new generators have a wider range of settings, which makes them more flexible and allows them to be adapted more easily to different applications.

Hüttinger Elektronik, a manufacturer of DC, medium-frequency and high-frequency generators, has added the Tru-Plasma DC Series 3000 New range of DC generators to its product portfolio. The generators have a power output of 20, 30, 40 and 60 kW and are ideally suited to demanding sputter processes. The availability of models with different power outputs gives users even greater flexibility.

In addition to a wider range of different versions, the new family of generators has a number of technical innovations. At each power output level, the generators supply the full bandwidth of voltages and currents, which allows them to provide the necessary power without restrictions and regardless of the process parameters. Whatever the properties of the process, exactly the right amount of energy is always provided without waiting or changeover time. As a result, the generators help to make the production process even more efficient.

Another benefit of the new models is the option of connecting in parallel several generators with the same power output. For example, two generators with an output of 40kW can be used together to produce a power output of 80 kW. Users can also combine generators with different power outputs, in order to ensure that the installed output meets their specific requirements.

The new models also use tried-and-tested technology. The CompensateLine arc management system allows the generators to produce thin and uniform coatings even in processes where arcs constantly form. The energy stored in the output circuit and in the cable between the generator and the cathode is perfectly balanced, which enables the generator to react very quickly to the arc and reduces the residual energy to a minimum. The resulting coatings are of a high level of quality which previously was only possible with pulsed generators.

The newly developed range of DC generators is ideally suited for use in sputter processes as part of the production of solar cells.

The DC generators allow for more flexible production processes.

The new generators are also fully water-cooled, which makes them extremely compact and allows them to be incorporated easily into existing coating systems. The integration process is also simplified by the large number of communication interfaces available.

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